Monday, 18 June 2007

Sunday 18 June

Another good ride today. I set off on what is just over an 18 miles circuit wondering if I would attempt three circuits and break the mile barrier. All went pretty well, apart from a car pulling out of a driveway, turning right and looking all the time to his left so he didn’t see me. As I approached him I thought “he must look this way soon in case a car is coming”. But no, he just kept going. I was going too fast to stop so just yelled and went round the front of him. Luckily he did turn and the last minute and braked. I did think about yelling something appropriate but just waved a “thank you for not hitting me”.

The wind was a bit blowy, and from the direction which meant headwinds most of the way round. But no rain and sunshine for most of the time too.

I was half-way round the second circuit when I decided not to bother with the third circuit and quit at 38 miles. The legs were feeling a bit tired but other than that, no real reason to quit other than I just really didn’t feel like doing the third circuit. No problem with that as I hadn’t planned on attempting the 50 mile barrier until the end of June.

So that meant I could have a little fun along the seafront with the wind blowing from behind and the traffic doing an average 20 mph. Oh How I love overtaking cars like that!

Got home feeling pretty tired after all of that but my recovery time seemed to be better than last week’s sponsored ride over the same distance as my ride today. The average speed was down a bit on last week’s though which could be down to going it alone (or maybe the headwinds).

The stats:

Distance: 38.8 miles
Time: 2 hours 45 min
Average speed: 14.1 mph


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