Sunday, 3 June 2007

Another long one today

Although when I first got up I wasn’t sure what the weather was going to do – the BBC said hot and sunny, outside the window said grey. Well the grey and overcast won the day but it turned out to be perfect weather – well for me anyway. I included part of the end of the London – Southend cycle run which I had been planning to include in my training programme and, apart from a couple of hills, this seemed ok. I was struggling up one particular hill and the burning sensation in my thigh muscles was ubearable (good job no-one was in earshot) but I kept going and the pain started to fade. Not sure if this is supposed to happen or whether the nerves in my legs just gave up and died.

Some stupid woman made an attempt to knock me off my bike when she turned left at traffic lights – her wing mirror brushed my right arm; any closer and it would have been me knocked off. . Not one to hold a grudge I gave her a amile and a friendly wave before riding off

The last part of the ride included my usual run along Southend sea front and I was hoping to get pushed home but there was the inevitable headwind. About two miles from home I seriously began to doubt if I would make it.

Got home and a nice hour and a half nap!

As for the new saddle, in a word brilliant.

Things began to get a little painful after about 33 miles but then I think that is only to be expected at the moment and as I break it in (or it breaks me in) then there should be no problems.

Looking forward to next Sunday as I am taking part in a 40 miles charity ride which should be good training for the 60 mile London - Southend ride.

Ok, now for today’s stats:

Distance: 38.25 miles
Av speed: 13.6 mph

And the route:


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