Friday, 15 May 2009

Reinventing the wheel:

I don't think I'd like to ride too many miles on this!

From The Metro:

It looks like something out of The Flintstones but this unusual bike could help you lose weight and get into shape.

The cycle, which features a pentagonal wheel at the front and a triangular one at the back, is designed to boost fitness by making it harder to ride.

'I just wanted to give people an alternative to normal, boring bikes,' said inventor Guan Baihua.

'There are too many identical mass-manufactured things. More and more, people like weird and rarely seen stuff.'

The retired army general from Qingdao in eastern China spent 18 months working on the contraption. But it could be a rocky road to success for the 50-year-old after a journalist gave his invention a trial ride.

He reported that it was 'not as bumpy as it looks' but added: 'It needs special skills, otherwise it's hard to balance.'


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