Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Tuesday 15 May

Just back from another ride which wasn’t as long as I’d hoped for. Got in from work later than I had planned so I had to cut it short as it was getting dark. Still, it was a good ride along the sea front with not too much of a headwind – although it did feel cold around the ears at times. I can definitely feel it getting easier. Really looking forward to covering a longer distance this weekend.

Now, why is it that cycle lanes act like a magnet for people walking their dogs, going for a stroll or jogging. Don’t they realise that getting hit by a bike travelling at 16 miles an hour hurts – both them and me! Hey people, the clue is on the word bike lane – B – I - K – E. That’s something with two wheels, you have two legs. Please try and remember that!

Total distance: 12 miles
Average speed: 14 mph


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